Oldest Offical Town On the Outer Banks

Kill Devil Hills



At the top of the “Hills,” the Wright Brothers National Memorial overlooks the town, and at night, the soft flood lights surrounding the base of the memorial can be spotted in the distance from most any point within the town’s limits. During the day, Kill Devil Hills really heats up with lots of fun both on and off the ocean, and plenty of entertainment for beach visitors. Essentially, for a packed-Outer Banks vacation that has plenty of amenities and action, Kill Devil Hills is a perfect vacation destination.

The Wright Brothers Memorial is a tremendously popular attraction for Outer Banks vacationers of all areas, and is open year round, generally from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. depending on the season. Visitors can explore the reconstructed 1903 camp buildings where the Wright Brothers tinkered with their machinery, a visitors’ center and original museum with a life-sized replica of the historic first airplane, and the Centennial pavilion which pays homage to achievements in flight since the Wright brothers first flew along the Outer Banks. Operated by the National Park Service, a small fee is required to access the Memorial grounds, but aviation lovers consider it an absolute “Must See” on their travels to the Outer Banks.

Before you come, read more about Corolla, NC, history. You’ll understand the spirit of this place by doing so . . . how duck hunting, isolation, shipwrecks and natural beauty all coalesced from a tight-knit oceanside community into this present-day vacation land.

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Kill Devil Hills NC, FAQs

Is Kill Devil Hills In The Outer Banks?

 Yes, Kill Devil Hills is in the Outer Banks. It is a town in Dare County, North Carolina. The town is located on the central coast of North Carolina, just south of Nags Head.


What County Is Kill Devil Hills NC In?

Kill Devil Hills is located in Dare County, North Carolina.


How Many People Live In Kill Devil Hills NC?

 The population of Kill Devil Hills was 7,249 as of the 2020 census.

Is Kill Devil Hills Nice?

 Many people consider Kill Devil Hills to be a nice place to visit. It offers a variety of activities and attractions, as well as beautiful beaches.


Why Is Kill Devil Hills Called That?

 The town of Kill Devil Hills got its name from a legend about pirates who used to drink rum made from a type of sugarcane called “kill-devil.” The rum was said to be so strong that it would “kill the devil” if consumed too much.


How Far Is Hatteras Ferry From Kill Devil Hills?

 The Hatteras Ferry is located approximately 70 miles from Kill Devil Hills.


What Are Some Things To Do In Kill Devil Hills?

 There are a number of things to do in Kill Devil Hills, NC. Some popular activities include visiting the beaches, fishing, sailing, shopping, and dining. There are also a number of attractions, such as the Wright Brothers National Memorial, Jockey’s Ridge State Park, Avalon Pier, and Destination Fun Zone.


Is Kill Devil Hills Safe?

 Yes, it is generally safe to visit Kill Devil Hills. However, as with any location, there are always some risks present. The crime rate in Kill Devil Hills is relatively low, but visitors should still take precautions and be aware of their surroundings.


What Is Kill Devil Hills Known For?

 Kill Devil Hills is most commonly known for being the site of the Wright brothers’ first powered flight. Today the town is also known for its beautiful beaches.


Which Is The Best Restaurant In Kill Devil Hills?

 There are a number of great restaurants in Kill Devil Hills. Some popular options include Miller’s Seafood & Steak House, Goombay’s Grille & Raw Bar, and The Kill Devil Grill.


What Is The Median Price Of A Home In Kill Devil Hills?

 The median price of a home in Kill Devil Hills was $569K as of August 2022.


What Is The Cost Of Living In Kill Devil Hills?

 The cost of living in Kill Devil Hills is higher than the national average, but this is to be expected in a beach town. The cost of housing, transportation, and healthcare are all above average, while the cost of groceries and utilities are about average.


What Is The Weather Like In Kill Devil Hills?

 The weather in Kill Devil Hills is generally mild throughout the year. The town experiences a fair amount of rainfall, but temperatures rarely dip below freezing. The average high temperature in January, the coldest month, is 49.6°F (9.8°C), while the average temperature in the warmest month, July, is 82°F (27.8°C).


Is Kill Devil Hills A Good Place To Retire?

 Many people consider Kill Devil Hills to be a good place to retire. The town offers a number of amenities and activities, as well as a mild climate. The cost of living is higher than average, but this is to be expected in a beach town.


What Are The Schools Like In Kill Devil Hills?

The schools in Kill Devil Hills are generally good. The town is served by the Dare County Schools system, which includes First Flight High School, First Flight Middle School, and Heron Pond Montessori School.