A Prime Summer Resort Area

Corolla , NC



Since it’s a comparatively new developed area (most of the houses and shopping centers were built in the 1990s), Corolla, NC, is known for its upscale offerings and polished appearance. Oceanfront mansions mingle with smaller yet still exquisite beach homes, high-end condos and some beautifully preserved old Corolla Outer Banks homes. Gated communities are common, and these developments offer all the expected amenities. Corolla, NC, weddings are quite popular, due in no small part to the many lovely homes that can serve as ceremony or reception sites. At the other end of the spectrum, north of Corolla’s paved roads is the Swan Beach and Carova area, a wild and rugged place accessible only by four-wheel-drive vehicle – and, therefore, perfect for current-day visitors to get a hint of the isolated experiences Corolla residents of old had. Rental homes in the four-wheel-drive area range from small and rustic to astonishingly palatial, but it’s the remoteness of the area that is the biggest draw.

Before you come, read more about Corolla, NC, history. You’ll understand the spirit of this place by doing so . . . how duck hunting, isolation, shipwrecks and natural beauty all coalesced from a tight-knit oceanside community into this present-day vacation land.

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